Experiences abroad



There were three days left of vacation. It was the middle of the summer and we were up for a road trip. We were in France, sitting at the table trying to think about what made the most sense. I was asked where I wanted to go next. We opened up a map and gazed at the options. I wanted something new, yet familiar all at the same time. Then I thought, 'Italy is always a good time.'

So we set on the road and drove through France, underneath Mont Blanc, and onward to our next destination- Turin. We chose Turin because it would be a new experience for the both of us, while I could relive my past Italian days. After driving for hours, we were there. We checked into our hotel and the language I missed so much was back within earshot.

The highlight of Turin was, by far, the restaurant we went to on the second night- Ristorante L'Agrifoglio. It was an amazing atmosphere, small and quaint. The food was out of this world- some of the best food I've ever had in my life. Service was impeccable. Company was grand. Bottom line, I'm obsessed with this place and I would go back to Turin just to have this experience again.

After finding heaven in Turin, we set out for the same feelings in Genoa. Since this was a summer adventure, we decided to take a day trip to the beaches of Genoa and soak in some sun. It's a scenic view with lots of people enjoying life. It's my idea of an ideal summer afternoon in August.

Turin and Genoa are two different types of cities that are a couple hours drive from each other. If you decide to do one, don't forget to do the other. Now go, find your piece of heaven. 

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