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Paris is the city of love. And what is there not to love about this place? It’s the effortless beauty of the women and the energy in the evenings. I have been on a few occasions, but this time was a jam packed schedule, taking in as many of the sights as possible. Here's the entire itinerary: 

day 1:

COMPTOIR TURENNE - my go-to breakfast cafe in Le Marais. Fill up on chocolate croissants. Then take the Paris metro to start the journey.

CANAL SAINT MARTIN - first stop. It connects the Canal de l'Ourcq to the river Seine and runs underground between Bastille and République. Walk along the canal until you get to Republique. 

PLACE DE LA REPUBLIQUE - a square in Paris, named after the French Republic. In the center is a monument with the words Liberte, Egalite, and Fraternite. There is also graffiti all over, with the name of the late Charlie Hebdo standing out. 


NOTRE DAME - an iconic Gothic style Cathedral on the Ile de la Cite.

MAISON ARNAUD LARHER - a chocolate shop. The ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ sign encouraged a pit stop here. It means that this shop has received an award for excellence.

BOULEVARD SAINT GERMAIN - During the walk to the next place, there was an amazing jazz band playing on the street. If they're still there, stop and enjoy! It felt like such a perfect Paris moment. 

CAFE DE FLORE - prestigious cafe in Paris. This was once a central point for writers and philosophers to come to. Have a couple glasses of champagne. Eat a club sandwich or a croque madame - both quite tasty.

PONT DES ARTS - the lock bridge where lovers attach locks to the gate and throw away the key. From there, walk straight across the bridge and straight through the Cour Carrée to the next destination.

THE LOUVRE - one of the largest museums in the world. I've been in the museum once in 2010, but haven't been back in since. It is huge and very hard to complete in a day. Take a small break to take in the scene, especially if it's a beautiful day.

JARDIN DES TUILERIES - a public park to relax in. From the Louvre, walk through the garden all the way to the other side, Place de la Concorde. From there, get back on the train.

PONT DE BIR- HAKEIM - bridge that connects the 15th & 16th arrondissements. The lines in the bridge and the view of the Eiffel Tower make it very photo friendly, which is probably why there were two wedding shoots going on. 

STATUE DE LA LIBERTE - a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Walk along the Allee de Cygnes to get to this smaller version of the monument. Upon arrival, there was a tango class going on. So it was only right to lean back and enjoy the view for a few songs. If I had more courage, I would’ve joined in as well. After that, it was back to the train.

CAFE KLEBER - a cafe near Trocadero on Avenue Kléber. We sat outside, got a quick snack and some more champagne. Afterwards, we stopped at a store for a bottle of champagne.

PLACE DU TROCADERO - square in the 16th arrondissement overlooking the Eiffel Tower. If you have seen the popular commercials and advertisements with the Eiffel Tower, a high percentage of them were probably shot here. It is a great viewing spot. Once you are finished viewing from afar, you can walk a straight path to get a closer look.

EIFFEL TOWER - the tallest structure in Paris. Take a moment to look at the magnitude of this structure. I’ve seen it on plenty of occasions and every time I’m in Paris, I always want to see it again. When night falls, the tower becomes illuminated.

JARDINS DU CHAMPS DE MARS - a large public park. A few feet away, we found a quiet spot with a view of the tower. We took off our shoes and laid out a blanket. Upon every hour, the Eiffel Tower puts on a 5 minute show with blinking lights. And this is when the champagne popped.

LE MARAIS - 3rd arrondissement. Afterwards, it was back to the apt to freshen up for dinner. Once we were ready, it was late so we decided to go with our second option and stay in the neighborhood. 

LE BISTROT - restaurant on Rue de Turenne. This was the closest place we found that was still serving food. We sat outside and enjoyed the rest of the evening.


The highlight of day 2 sightseeing was Montmartre:

MONTMARTRE - a large hill in the 18th arrondissement. It was so beautiful here. The grass in front of the Sacre Couer is on a unique diagonal steep that people were laying on. We also went inside of the church and it was equally gorgeous. 

There you have it - a quick, jam packed trip to Paris! If you've got any recommendations for places to check out next time or if you'd like any more Paris ideas from me, let me know.