Walk along Kenmare and you'll stumble upon this humble eatery on the verge of Nolita and LES. It's not the type of place to come for an actual restaurant experience. It's a cafe. The outside has a few tables which are used best in the summertime. The inside is tiny with some stools and a small table towards the back. If you are looking for more comfortable seating, this would not be ideal. However, they do have takeaway.  

So what's the deal with Butchers Daughter you ask? Well let's start with the name. What a name it is! If I were a butcher's daughter, I imagine that I would have all the best cuts of meat at my disposal, but here we have irony and who knows what else, because this is actually a vegetarian and vegan cafe. Looks like the butcher's daughter was too traumatized to have any meat and became a vegan.

Although I'm not the butcher's daughter (aka a vegan/vegetarian), I don't mind a meat free dinner once in a while. I went for the hummus and crudités plate and my friend decided on the black bean burger. We were both very pleased with our meals, even though I couldn't name all the vegetables on my plate. The presentation was adorable and the food was very fresh. Our waitress was also super cute and nice. She even offered us a round of complimentary elixir shots at the end of our meal.

If I'm leading meat eaters to this place, I suggest going with something hearty like the black bean burger or one of their pastas. The only reason I avoided the pasta was because I didn't want nuts and most of them seemed to contain nuts or an ingredient I wasn't keen for. Having the hummus as a starter rather than a main dish is a better idea. That is what it is meant for. It's a really nice dish that's not too filling. Use the crudités on the side with a dab of the hummus to enhance the flavor. And don't forget to try the juices! They taste amazing and make you feel like you're treating your body so right. I swear I felt stronger and more energetic after that meal. 

I would eat this clean more often if it were more rewarding on the pockets. I can't afford a vegan lifestyle and constantly keeping up with the fresh ingredients. If I were a butcher's daughter, I may have become a vegan. But since I'm just a girl, I'll be having burgers and milkshakes for my next dinner.