Labor Day for New Yorkers should be spent relaxing by the water on a faraway island with a drink in hand and access to good food. If you can’t do all of the above, like me, then turn to your next best option- Seamore’s. It’s the seaside feel without the travel. I’m confident enough to say that this is the summer restaurant to be at. The owner, Michael Chernow, is also the co-owner of the ever so popular Meatball Shop. You can see in the details of this new restaurant that it was not his first time at the rodeo, or should I say beach house.

As you arrive on the block of Seamore’s (390 Broome St.), you see outdoor seating and an all white exterior that really captures your eye. Perched above the entrance is their clean, simple logo and name, introducing you to Seamore’s. When you walk inside, you are immediately drawn to the amazing 360 degree interior. The huge windows keeps the space bright and airy while the small ship-like touches sprinkled everywhere gives you the feeling of being on a street corner yacht. Even the single occupant bathroom fits into the aesthetically pleasing theme. However, it takes more than a cool interior to make a great restaurant. The next question is, ‘How is everything else?’ 

My friends and I arrived around 6PM. We checked in with the hostess. It was a party of four, but only three of us had arrived. We were told to get comfortable at the bar until our fourth guest shows up. To start, we sampled a glass of Californian white wine, Gewurztraminer, which in turn encouraged us to go for the bottle at the table. As soon as our fourth guest arrived, we were seated at a communal table made for 8. Once we sat down, we dissected the small and fairly uncomplicated menu. 

We started off with the server’s recommendation of tuna poke as well as the guacamole. The poke was said to be a must order by Zagat, so we were sold. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but it was amazing. It was a crudo type of dish similar to tuna tartare. To give it texture and variety, there were peanuts, avocado, and shredding of red cabbage topped with ponzu sauce and tortilla chips at the side. I am a fan of avocados so I thought there wasn’t enough on the dish, but we also got the guacamole appetizer, which made up for the lack of avocado in the poke. 

As a main dish, I got the seasonal fish tacos with black bean sauce, lettuce, pico, avocado, and crema. There were two to an order and they were quite good. My friends got the ‘Oh Boy’ sandwich with sweet potato fries, spicy squid tacos, and crispy fish tacos. I sampled a few of the sweet and salty potato fries. They were good, but perhaps too salty. To finish off the meal, we split the soft serve, dairy free ice cream. Yes vegans, that's for you! It was definitely not big enough for four, but we just wanted to sample it. It was chocolate, with a taste of coconut, and delicious. 

The service we received was accommodating and knowledgeable. Our waitress had the memory of an elephant. She didn’t even use a pen and paper to record our order. Everything came out in a timely manner and all our questions were answered with ease. A great note to mention is that one of my friends has a shellfish allergy, but she was still able to have options. The server really helped us out along the way. When it was all said and done, we got our check. We had 4 main dishes, 2 starters, and a bottle of wine at a total of $133.92 (tax included, but not tip). They also charged us $2 for each side sauce we ordered, which was unusual, but no complaints. I was happy overall. I left feeling full, but not heavy. It was a feel good meal, and I am sure I will be back.